Q: What is your turnaround time?
From the time of initial contact, we strive to shoot photos the very next day whenever possible. Your photos will generally be post-processed and available for download one day after that. If you have ordered the Realtor Premier Package, your tour and extras should be available and ready for your input and/or changes via the client panel login within 48 hours from the time of photoshoot.
Q: Do you perform home staging?
No. The property should be ready for photography upon our arrival. If your budget allows, we do recommend that your home be professionally staged.
Q: I am a really busy agent, and I am used to delegating some of my listing responsibilities to personnel in my office. Can you deal with that?
Yes. As a matter of fact, we can set up an "assistant" account with their own login credentials.
Q: We have a property located inside of a gorgeous gated community; can we get pictures of the clubhouse, tennis courts or community pool(s)?
As long as we are allowed access to these locations and amenities the day of our photoshoot, we'll be happy to include community photos as a part of your photo package. We do maintain a small portfolio of community photos that continues to expand over time.
Q: What is the charge to set up my Realtor information, picture, logo, default "look and feel" colors, tour structure and login credentials for your website?
Charge? Absolutely none; $0. You do need to provide us with your photo, logo and contact information.
Q: Who owns the photo(s) copyright(s)?
The photographer owns all copyrights to any photos taken; the agent is purchasing a specific license to use the photo(s) for a specific purpose for a specific period of time. Please refer to our Photo Licensing Terms on the Services & Pricing Page for the Copyright Agreement. This agreement is also printed on each invoice.
Q: What if it rains on our scheduled date?
The choice is yours; we can shoot the interior and return to shoot the exterior, or we can just re-schedule the whole appointment. There is never any cost to you when Mother Nature refuses to cooperate.
Q: Is there a charge if you arrive onsite to begin the photoshoot but the house is not ready to be photographed or you cannot gain entry?
Yes. We will charge a "return trip charge" of $50 if the home is not photo-ready upon arrival; however, in case of emergency or disaster, such as if a water line has burst, there would be no charge. Stuff happens, and we are very reasonable people. If you postpone or cancel with 24 hours notice, there will be no charge.
Q: Can you "Photoshop" wires, cords, damaged walls or a brown spot on my lawn?
Yes, but this is not a part of our photo packages and is subject to additional charges.
Q: Can you "Photoshop" power lines hanging low in front of my house, or the power plant tower in my backyard? They spoil the view and may subtract from my home's value.
No. We will not remove permanent physical characteristics as we consider this to be unethical.


In a nutshell: Look at pictures of a nice hotel room and try to emulate the look and feel. You'll see no clutter, no personal items, neatly made beds, generic wall hangings, good bright lighting, a pristine bathroom, and clean sitting and desk areas. The only small items you'll see are a pen and pad of paper. If your home looks like this then you can stop right here. If you're like the rest of us - keep reading.


  • All rooms, hallways, entries and stairs should be neat, clean and uncluttered.

  • Remove remotes, device chargers, cordless phones and cradles. Turn on all lights including stove and under-counter, replace any burned-out bulbs. Try to match brand and wattage and avoid CFCs where possible because they may create uneven color issues.

  • Remove family, pet and personal pictures.

  • Open all curtains and blinds, unless they expose a really bad outside view.

  • Turn off all ceiling fans.

EXTERIOR - Let's have curb appeal!

  • Complete landscaping clean-up; mow grass, trim hedges, remove leaves and debris.

  • Roof and gutters should be clean and free of debris.

  • Clear driveway; park cars elsewhere during photoshoot.

  • Close garage doors.

  • Hide trash cans.

  • Remove toys and signs from lawn.

  • Hide pool cleaning equipment.

  • Porches and decks should be clean and uncluttered.

KITCHEN - A very important area

  • Should be spotlessly clean.

  • Nothing on countertops except a small appliance or cute cookie jar.

  • Remove refrigerator art and magnets.

  • Remove entry and floor mats.

  • Remove all pet items including water and food bowls.

  • Remove soap dispensers and dish drying racks.


  • Put remote controls in a drawer.

  • Remove newspapers and magazines.

  • Hide all toys and pet beds.

  • Arrange and fluff all cushions and pillows.


  • Make the bed carefully and arrange pillows.

  • Clean and clear nightstand and dresser surfaces.

  • Close all closet doors.


  • Toilet seat should be down, put on new roll of toilet paper.

  • Remove toilet brushes.

  • Clear away personal items, toothbrushes, shampoo and soaps.

  • Clean mirrors and make them shine.

  • Fold and place decorative towels neatly.

PETS - they're part of the family, but...

  • Put pets on the porch, in the garage or outside.

  • Remove all food bowls, toys, and scratching posts.

  • Clean all traces of pet hair.

  • Eliminate pet odors; they won't hurt the photos but may impact buyer interest later on.


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